Maximise the enjoyment of your luxury yacht charter with our all-inclusive service. Exquisite Greek food, including onboard snacks, microbrewery beers, Greek domestic wines and so much more for the duration of your trip.  Choose from either a planned stop at a beachside restaurant or full on-board lunch of homemade Greek delicacies. Whatever it takes to provide you and your group with the experience of a lifetime, Spetses Cruising is here to make it happen.

Greek Dining Culture

The enjoyment of food has played a central role in Greek culture and life since ancient times. As a focal point of family and social life, the Greek table offers the diner the best and freshest ingredients, prepared in ways that respect the flavours of the raw materials while combining them in ingenious ways that delight and surprise the palate.

Fresh salads, healthy vegetable dishes, succulent meats and delicate fish, followed by sun ripened fruit and accompanied by local wines, form the order of a Greek menu. The ingredients have often travelled just yards from the family garden or fishing boat to the table, set in the deep shade of a plane tree.

The recent adaptation of modern viniculture methods has seen the creation of international award-winning wines using indigenous varieties of grape, many of which were known to the ancients. Local microbreweries using grain produced in small size farms and characteristic of the microclimate of each locale have brought to the market superb quality beers.

After a refreshing swim in the azure waters of a secret bay or a stroll through the cobblestone streets of a quaint island town, repair for lunch on deck or at the shaded terrace of a seaside tavern and you too might reflect like the narrator of Zorba the Greek:

“I at last realized that eating was a spiritual function…”

All-Inclusive Luxury Yacht Charter

Spetses Cruising offers all-inclusive luxury yacht charter services. Wall-to-wall refreshment, Greek homemade delicacies, fresh seasonal fruits and decadent dining experiences. The very best of the Greek Islands, recommended and sourced by those who know the region and its cuisine best.

If looking to enjoy a true taste of Greece from the comfort and luxury of your own private vessel, you’re in safe hands with Spetses Cruising. For more information or to discuss the requirements of your group in more detail, get in touch with a member of our dedicated customer support team today.

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