Spetses Island

One of the most charming and romantic destinations in all of Greece, Spetses Island provides the perfect reason to rent a boat and explore your surroundings in full. Horse-drawn carriages transport spellbound travellers around the historic heart of the island, taking in the beautiful backdrop of the bay and its stunning 19th century mansions. Deeply historic yet surprisingly cosmopolitan, Spetses Island combines the classic culture of Greece with all the luxurious amenities any traveller could wish for. Throughout the year, a variety of events take place in and around Spetses Island – the annual re-enactment of a key naval battle “Armata” being a particular highlight.

The very best way to take in the majesty of the island’s shoreline is to rent a boat and set out with an experienced local guide. Discover the hidden bays, beaches and coves of your dreams, enjoying the crystalline waters and getting up-close and personal with the local wildlife. What’s more, Spetses Island is also located just a short cruise from some of the most glorious destinations in the whole of Greece. If looking to make the most of your time in Greece, rent a boat from an experienced local service provider and discover what true luxury and exclusivity are all about.

Hydra Island

Considered by many to be the true gem of the Saronic Gulf, Hydra Island is one-of-a-kind in many ways. For one thing, it’s the only island in Greece to be completely free of all wheeled vehicles – no cars, no scooters, all pedestrianised. Hydra Island is also home to marble-cobbled lanes you’ll love getting lost in, friendly donkeys at every turn, beautiful beaches and the most enchanting emerald seas imaginable. Rent a boat and set about a voyage of discovery you’ll never forget. Over the years, countless artists, musicians, actors and celebrities have visited Hydra Island and decided never to leave. One look at this wonder of Greece for yourself and you’ll understand why!


Boasting a unique combination of Venetian charm and Ottoman seductiveness, Nafplio is unlike any other town or village in Greece. Hopelessly romantic and painfully pretty from every angle, Nafplio is said to have been founded by Nafplios, the son of god Poseidon. Blessed with a beautiful location on a small port beneath the towering Palamidi fortress, Naflpio is the perfect place for a day trip or extended visit. Rent a boat and explore the charms and treasures of both Nafplio and the surrounding region. That is, if you can bear to draw yourself away from the enchanting cobbled streets of its historic town centre! An undiscovered gem you’ll want to discover, time and time again.


One of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece, Epidaurus is famed primarily for its Ancient Theatre. Built nearly 3000 years ago in the most spectacular natural setting, the theatre is positioned just a few steps from the fabled healing centre of Asclepius. It’s impossible not to be taken by the rugged charms and rich history of Epidaurus, not to mention the breathtaking bays, beaches and blue seas lining the coast. Rent a boat and head to this sublime destination for a memorable voyage of discovery, along with the kind of blissful tranquillity you’ve never before experienced. Epidaurus represents a highly recommended excursion on any trip to the region throughout the year.


The Castle Town of Monemvasia is considered to be one of the most visually stunning and culturally captivating destinations in all of Greece. A unique feature on the Greek landscape, the entire town of Monemvasia was carved into the backside of a gigantic rock many hundreds of years ago. Now connected by a 200m long causeway, it was once only possible to access Monemvasia by boat. Unsurprisingly therefore, the very best way to visit Monemvasia and soak up its unique majesty is to rent a boat and head out with an experienced local guide. Enjoy some of the most breathtaking views on the face of the Earth, while stopping by the area’s countless hidden beauty spots for a refreshing dip in the crystalline waters.

Elafonisos Laconia

Heavenly beaches, emerald seas, pristine sands and cloudless skies. It’s little wonder most visitors to Elafonisos Laconia wish they could stay for life! A deeply exotic and beautifully unspoiled Greek Island, Elafonisos Laconia feels a million miles from the trappings of modern civilisation. Even by the usual standards Greece is famous for, the natural beauty and tranquillity of Elafonisos Laconia are in a league of their own. Spend an afternoon as a castaway on this remote paradise and take the opportunity to indulge in the water-sports of your choosing. Rent a boat and take in this Greek treasure from the most privileged vantage point possible.


If looking to soak up the kind of peace and tranquillity you won’t find anywhere else in Greece, you’ll find it in abundance on Dokos Island. This tiny yet striking island in the Saronic Gulf is home to less than 50 inhabitants, meaning you’re unlikely to see another human being in any direction during your visit. The dramatic coastline of Dokos is punctuated by secluded beaches and hidden coves than any traveller could fully explore in a lifetime, along with the kind of aquamarine waters that are simply crying out for a spot of snorkelling. Dokos is the kind of place you head when you need to recharge your batteries away from 21st century crowds and chaos. Rent a boat and discover the true meaning of undiscovered, unspoiled tranquillity.

Vathi Avlaki Laconia

Quite simply, the only way to understand the breathtaking beauty of Vathi Avlaki Laconia is to experience it first-hand. Widely considered to be one of the most attractive beaches in Eastern Peloponnese, Vathi Avlaki Laconia looks as if pulled from the pages of a fantasy fairy-tale. Remote, tranquil and entirely unspoiled, Vathi Avlaki Laconia is a natural beauty. The way the white pebble beach contrasts with the emerald waters and the lush green hills behind is simply mesmerising. One of the undisputed wonders of Greece you won’t want to miss – rent a boat to access and explore this extraordinary heaven on earth.

Ierakas Lakonia

The compact yet culturally rich village of Ierakas Lakonia is built along a natural fjord on the south east coast of Laconia, Greece. Famed for its stunning natural port which once attracted pirates and seafaring bandits from across the region, today’s Ierakas Lakonia is serene, tranquil and bursting with treasures just waiting to be discovered. Exploring the picturesque village on foot is an absolute must, taking the time to stop by a selection of local taverns, restaurants and artisan stores along the way. The best and only way to explore the charms and treasures of Ierakas Lakonia is to rent a boat and weigh anchor with an experienced local guide.

Arkadiko Chorio

A firm contender for one of the most attractive strips of coastline in Greece, Arkadiko Chorio is the place to head to escape the crowds and lap up the luxury. Relaxation is the order of the day in and around Arkadiko Chorio, with its pristine sands, inviting blue seas and welcome lack of the usual overdevelopment. Explore the seafront on foot, enjoy the delectable cuisine at any of the fantastic local restaurants and discover a quieter, calmer side to the Greek island-hopping experience. If looking to make the most of your trip to Arkadiko Chorio, hire a boat and explore the coastline in full with the help of an experienced local guide.


With a history dating back many thousands of years, the heart-shaped island of Daskalio is no less than an architectural wonder. Today, the tiny island of Daskalio attracts couples from all over the world, looking to tie the knot in one of the most romantic settings imaginable. The island has no permanent inhabitants and is just large enough to accommodate one small Byzantine Church – one of the prettiest in all of Greece. You’ll need to rent a boat to reach Daskalio and explore the region in full, which comes highly recommended during any visit at any time of year.

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