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Along with our popular day trips, [link] Spetses can also organise multi-day excursions to destinations and hidden hot spots across the Greek Islands. Ask us, and we’ll create custom voyages of the highest quality.

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Island Hopping around Greece

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Head off the beaten path and enjoy a holiday within a holiday by booking one of our premium island-hopping journeys. Enjoy unforgettable experiences amid Greece’s than 3,000-plus islands and islets.

Whatever your requirements are during your stay in Greece, we can plan and provide a discreet service and stylish vessel with all the extras to allow you to make the most of your adventures. Whether this be advice on the most untouched and secluded coves for water activities or supreme style to take you on your mainland excursions – Spetses Cruising can arrange it all for you.



For discerning travellers

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There are islands that have everything the popular destinations promise, but without the sense of being over-run by crowds of day-trippers from the major cruise lines.
Consider a cruise to Spetses, Hydra, Dokos, Vathi Avlaki Laconia, and many, many more. Here are just a few of the Easterm Aegean’s hidden gems:

Spetses One of the most charming and romantic destinations in all of Greece, the island that provides our namesake is genuinely historic yet surprisingly modern and cosmopolitan. Spetses combines the traditional culture of Greece with all the luxurious amenities any traveller could wish for. Throughout the year, a variety of events take place in and around Spetses Island – including the famous annual re-enactment of the “Armata” naval battle from the Greek War of Independence.

Hydra Considered by many to be the true gem of the Saronic Gulf, Hydra Island is unique in many ways. Home to marble-cobbled lanes you’ll love getting lost in, friendly donkeys at every turn, beautiful beaches and the most enchanting emerald seas imaginable. Hydra is also the only island in Greece to be utterly free of motorised vehicles – no cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, all of Hydra is pedestrianised. Rent a boat and set about discovering why countless artists, musicians, actors and celebrities have visited Hydra Island and decided never to leave. 

Dokos Peace and tranquillity live in abundance on Dokos Island. This tiny yet striking island in the Saronic Gulf is home to less than 50 inhabitants, meaning you’re unlikely to be bothered by crowds during your visit. Secluded beaches punctuate Dokos’s dramatic coastline, with more hidden coves than any traveller could fully explore in a lifetime, along with the kind of aquamarine waters that cry out for a spot of snorkelling. At Dokos you can escape the 21st century and re-charge. 

Vathi Avlaki Laconia The only way to comprehend the singular beauty of Vathi Avlaki Laconia is to experience it first-hand. Widely considered to be one of the most attractive beaches in Eastern Peloponnese, Vathi Avlaki Laconia could have been pulled from the pages of fantasy fictio

Our Boats

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Tender for Super Villas

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Book one of our premium support vessels for the duration of your stay. Wherever you choose to stay in the Greek Islands, our team will deliver to every exacting detail. Spetses Cruising provide a premium service exactly as required and, from creating a detailed schedule to suit your preferences and commitments to delivering the onboard extras – our team do everything they can to maximise your enjoyment of the Islands.

You’ll find experiences that will remain indelibly etached in your memory.

Spetses cruising guide you, to show you what the Greeks already know: Greece is to be celebrated and enjoyed year round.

Stand-by Services

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Loprem ipsum What better way to celebrate than enjoying the water and the views of the beautiful Greek coastline, whether it is whilst enjoying a perfectly chilled bottle of bubbly or part of your chosen mode of transport to your reception or land destination. At Spetses cruising we tailor every detail to meet your exacting standards and provide a stand-by service for those wishing to share the cost of exclusive boat hire between groups and/or family members. Whether you are looking for a day on the water as part of your hotel vacation or reunion, you will find Spetses Cruising can arrange everything for you.

We can comfortably cater for gatherings of upto 12 or arrange alternative vessels for the larger gatherings. And will tailor to your exact requirements (LINK TO PAGE)

Events Calender

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From world renowned cultural events at Athens through to triathlons at Spetses the Greeks are demonstrate unquestionable talent across a breadth of sporting and cultural festivals, competitions and events, scroll through and discover more about what is on offer.

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