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Booking Procedure

In order to reserve a specific trip, a 30% advanced deposit of the agreed rate is required. The booking is confirmed upon the clearance of the advanced deposit in the bank account of Spetses Cruising. The Client or the Client’s representative is kindly asked to forward the payment receipt to Spetses Cruising []. Spetses Cruising will confirm via e-mail the receipt of the advanced deposit payment and provide the trip details, pro forma invoice, and remaining balance. The balance shall be paid not later than 14 days prior to scheduled cruising date.

Payment Methods 

Payments can be made using PayPal, major credit cards and bank wire transfer. Please let us know if you intend to pay by bank wire transfer so we can confirm receipt of payment. The payment instructions are as follows

1. Bank wire transfer

Bank: Piraeus Bank
Account name: Spetses Cruising
IBAN number:GR8101712760006276142136 543
Payment Reference: [Clients name or Client’s representative’ name] + [Cruising date]
Notification of payment will be provided by Spetses Cruising.

2. PayPal

Use your PayPal account, to make a payment through the PayPal secure platform. Notificaton of payment will be provided automatically by PayPal.

Passengers’ list and Charter Party documents

In order to prepare all the relevant documents for the charter that will be submitted to the Port Authorities, Spetses Cruising kindly requests the following information that need to be provided at least 24 hours prior to the embarkation date:

1. For the Charterer

a. Name, Surname, Nationality, Passport number

b. Telephone number, email address

c. If Charterer is a Broker or Agent please provide the following information,

as well: Fax number, ID number, Tax number, Tax office

2. For all the guests on board the yacht

a. Name, Surname, Nationality, Passport number

Once on board, all passengers should have either a digital or a hard copy their passport or identification document. If there is any change in the passengers’ list, the Client shall promptly and before the embarkation date, inform Spetses Cruising. The Client is responsible for the accuracy of the delivered passengers’ list information.

Cancellation Policy

Should, for any reason, the charter is cancelled by the Client, the Client should inform Spetses Cruising via e-mail about the cancellation without delay. If no notice of cancellation is received, then the Client will be subject to the Spetses Cruising Cancelation Policy.

If the cancellation is made 29 days or more to the embarkation date then the advance payment is fully refundable. The Client shall be charged for the cancellation the following amount: 30% of the total charter fee, if the reservation is cancelled 28 to 15 days prior to the embarkation date; 100% of the total charter fee if the reservation is cancelled in less than14 prior to the embarkation date. The same applies on non-show up cases.

In cases that the charter is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, Spetses Cruising will either suggest a different itinerary and/or different date. If such arrangements are not acceptable by the Client, then the total payment received by Spetses Cruising will be refunded to the Client. Spetses Cruising is not responsible for any additional expenses or losses that may incur to the Client as a result of the cancelled booking, such as but not limited to, hotel fees, non-refundable transportation costs, loss of salary, time and enjoyment and all other expenses pertaining to the Client’s cruise. All laws and restrictions of the Greek Port Authority are applicable to every yacht’s category in reference to the departure according to the weather conditions.

Force Majeure

Spetses Cruising is not liable for any failure to perform its obligations, if such failure is the result of Force Majeure which are considered as Acts of God, including changes in weather, earthquake, fire, flood, storm, hurricane or other natural disasters; or non-natural disasters including war, invasion, foreign hostilities, civil war, revolution, terrorist activities and government sanction. In such cases, Spetses Cruising shall only refund to the Client the total payment received and shall not be liable for any additional compensation.


All Spetses Cruising vessels are insured according to industry standards. The insurance does not cover damages of personal property of the Client and property brought to the Yacht. Additionally, it does not cover any damage caused by either the Client’s lack of diligence or intentional action.

Inappropriate behavior

If in the opinion of the Captain, the Client’s behavior is disrupting the peaceable enjoyment of the cruise or causing danger, distress, or annoyance to Crew or to the Captain and/or other guests; such as but not limited to, excessive alcohol consumption, noisy or argumentative or abusive behavior or political, sexual, religious and racial slurs, Spetses Cruising may terminate the cruise. In such cases the Client is not entitled to any refund or to any contribution to costs incurred resulting from such termination.

The Client must at all times be compliant with the local laws, customs and regulations of the country being visited. Should the Client commit any illegal offense when on cruise, Spetses Cruising may terminate the cruise. In such cases the Client is not entitled to any refund or to any contribution to costs incurred resulting from such termination.

Use of photography for promotional use

During the course of a Client’s cruise, photos or videos may be taken by Clients and/or Spetses Cruising. Photos or videos, taken by or sent to Spetses Cruising, may contain images of Clients that can be used by Spetses Cruising, on a lifetime royalty free basis, only with the Client’s consent. Such images and videos will be used exclusively for the purpose of marketing and advertising Spetses Cruising.


All parties will strive to resolve any dispute in a peaceful manner. If the parties are not able to reach an agreement among them, the Court in Piraeus, Greece has the jurisdiction over their dispute.

SPETSES CRUISING MARITIME COMPANY OF PLEASURE YACHTS Registration Number 2251 VAT 996998419 Address: 41 Agiou Dimitriou, 18546 Piraeus, Greece Email: Operations: +306944933353 Enquiries: +306982826024



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